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FM Tile Tools/blend emboss

VM Extravanga /transmission

Flaming pear /boss emboss


Filters are here filtres.html

Materials here


are Guismo

These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee



Grab a coffee and let's begin  


1. Open a transparent image - 996 x 588 pixels

2. Create a linear gradient 0/5 / invert unticked

3. Set your foreground color to #2fa1a4 and background to #284349

4. Fill the layer with the gradient

5. Selections / select all

6. Paste the tube "femme 19" in the selection / select none

7. Effects - Image effects - Seamless tiling / default

* Repeat seamless tiling

8. Adjust blur / gaussian blur at 35

9. Effects - Plugins - Flaming pear / Boss emboss

10. Image - Flip

11. Effects - Plugins - FM Tile tools / blend emboss default / twice

12. Layers - add a new layer / and fill it with the background color

13. Layers - new mask layer from an image "maskcameron-indie6"

14. Layers - duplicate layer / merge group

15. Open the tube "trottoir" - paste as new layer

16. OPen the tube "barriere" - paste as a new layer / move to the left edge as shown

17. Open the tube "calguissagesse24119" - Image - resize 3 times at 75% and paste as new layer.
Place as shown

18. Open the tube ''guismo calguisluna2019''. On the tube raster layers, merge raster 2 and 3 then paste as a new layer. Place as shown

Guismo gave me permission to use this tube for this creation. No restribution without the permission. Thank you

19. Open the tube "calguisblue15210" - Image mirror then paste as a new layer / resize 75% all layers unchecked. Move as shown

20. Open the tube "cube bloc" paste as new layer/ place well

21. Open the tube "cadre'' - copy and paste as a new layer. Place it around the cube "bloc''/ Layer Mode set to luminance legacy

22. Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow

23. Open a new tube "cadre" / image - free rotate 45 right

24. Place it around the head of the girl and use overlay mode / make sure it looks like this

25. Repeat the drop shadow (still in memory)

26. Open the frame tube again/ paste as a new layer / Arrange down and put in place (see screenshot above) and set the layer mode to Overlay

27. Paste the text tube and place it well

28. Layers - merge all layers

29. Image - add borders 50 pixels/ white

30. Selections / select all / select - modify contract by 50

31. Effects - 3D effect / Drop shadow 13/7/65/22 black / Check box for shadow on new layer

32. Redo - Drop Shadow with negative H-13/V-7/Black. New layer still checked

33. Invert selection

34. Fill the layer with the Background color #284349

35. Effects - Plugins - VM Extravaganza / Transmission - 30/0/40

36. Effects - Edge effects/ Enhance more

37. Selections / select none

38. Layers - Arrange - Send to the bottom

39. Effect - Plugins - FMTile tools / blend emboss default

40. Layers - merge all

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All finished



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