Art Of Dance


  Translated by Sally


Materials click




Mura's Meister/perspective tilling

<Sandflower SpecialV/builder

AAA Foto frame


hier : filtres.html








These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee


Copy the selections to your Selections folder. We gaan beginnen


Let's begin

1. Open the background - "Fond art de la danse de renee"

2. Layers - duplicate. Stay on the copy of Fusionn

3. Effects - Mura's Meister / perspective tilling

4. Image - Duplicate

5. Image - free rotate - right 90 / Resize to 50%

 Place like this-

7. Layers - duplicate/ image mirror

8. Layers / merge down

9. Effects - 3D-effect/ Drop shadow

10. Effects - Filters Unlimited/ & <sandflower Special V / builder blocks table

11. Layers/ new raster layer

12. Selections - Load the selection "renee art de la danse"

13. Open, copy and paste "element base 2" in the selection
Effects - Edge effect/ enhance

14. Selections - select none

15. Open tube "236-dancers-LB_TUBES". Resize to 50% / paste as new layer

16. With your eraser tool remove the portion of the tape that extends at the right

17. Open tube "Fleur modifie guismo" I modified it for this tutorial. Copy and paste as a new layer, and place it at the bottom left.

For your own decoration you can use:
Eyecandy-effect 5 / backlight / preset "renee art of dance". The modified tube already has this effect.

18. Open tube - "lut-tube 891522011"/ resize twice at 75% and paste as new layer. Place as shown

19. Layers - new raster layer.

20. Selections "renee art de la danse 3"

21. Open "element voile" copy and paste into the selection

22. Selections - select none

23. Open tube - "Image 14"/ copy and paste as new layer
effect-effect-image shift

24. Copy and Paste tube "at de la danse voile". Set the blend mode to screen and opacity to 57

25. Open tube - "spot art danse"/ Copy and paste as a new layer / place at the top as shown

26. Set the blend mode to Luminance and lower the opacity to 57

27. Open tube "barre de lumierre" - copy and paste as new layer. Place it on top as shown

28. Paste tube "spot light" Place it on the top of bar tube as shown * Leave the blend mode as harsh light

29. Copy and Paste the tube "effet projecteur". Move to position as shown

30. Layers / Merge Visible

31. Effects Xero/ improver - 9/9/9

32. Effects - AAA filters/ Foto frame with the following settings. Make sure to check negative

33. Image add borders 40 pixels/ white

34. Repeat the same filter effect AAA Fotoframe

35. Text tool - font BulwarkNF/ size 48 Stroke 1 - Foreground color #ffffff and background #3f2627
write your text

36. Effects - 3D-effect/ Drop shadow/ repeat with positive H & V - 7/5/47/34


Thank You


Translated by Sally


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