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These Plugins are used for this Tutorial


VM Extravanga /vaselery/biohazard

Andromeda /perspective

Eye Candy Extrude

Factory B/cristal ball

Flaming pear /flood

AAA Foto Frame

Redfields /Umatrix

You can find my filters



Tube are of

Silvina Vanesa Orsi


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Please do not make changes to the tube, because this tube was made for this lesson only. It is forbidden to share this tutorial without a link to the original lesson. Thank you very much Renée

* * These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups. Or found by me searsching on the net.

I Am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so please use any copyright information as needed. If one of these tubes is yours? Contact me. so I can make a link to your site or remove it.

Thanks Renée





* Before you start *



Open PSP .

Open your material .


Open / tubes duplicate and close originals


Open then Minimize the mask in PSP



Put filters in their proper folders


Brushes and other tools in their respective folders .

To import presets Eye candy 5 / /Double-click the file it will automatically install *


* For older versions of PSP may be that you are having trouble opening the tubes

Just click OK and the tube can be used.

Thanks Renée


Let's start the lesson.

1. Open de backgroundimage "fond 1" Window - Duplicate (or shift+D) - Close the original and proceed on the copy -Promote Background Layer =Raster 1

2. Layers- New Raster layer Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the layer with :#f6de7d

3. Layers- New Mask layer from Image and select Mask « cameron -hibiscus »-

Layers- Merge-Merge Group

4. Effects-Edge Effects-Enhance

5. Effects-Plugins- VM Extravanga /vaselery

6. Effects- Plugins -Andromeda perspective /side walls /Preset - it open close

Double click on this Layer and set the Blend Mode to "Luminance Legacy "

7. Effects-Distortion Effects- Warp with these settings

8. Effects-Plugins -Eyecandy 5 / extrude / -tab Settings/User settings choose my preset: -  '' @renee kharma''

9With your eraser tool remove the dark part around your work to get this going slowly and change the size of your eraser tool according to the different parts of the tube

- I have lowered the opacity of that layer to 75%

10. Image Mirror

11. Layers- New Raster layer- Change the foreground color into gradient and select my gradient: '' renée kharma1'' Put your foreground on the linear gradient with settings below

-Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the layer with the gradient

12.Effects- Reflextion Effects- Feedback with these settings

13. Effects-Plugins -VM extravanga / Hollidays in EGYPT    at  255/31

14. Effects- Using-Defined Filter- Emboss 3 using the default settings

15. Effects-Plugins- VM Extravanga /biohazard

16.Effects-Distortion Effects- Warp with these settings

17. Effects-Plugins -Unlimited 2.0 / Filter Factory gallery  B /Crystal ball

the effect is in VM Toolbox

the effect is in Factory A

18. Layers- Arrange-Move Down

The result

-Activate your Pick Tool (K) place it in the right place as shown in the example below

19. Open the tube ''fractale kharma ''-Edit/copy- Edit/ paste as new layer on your working image-With your move tool place it to the left

20. Open the tube '' Mujer-por -silvana-orsi '' -Edit/copy- Edit/ paste as new layer (do not move it is in the right place)

21. Effects-Edge Effects-Enhance

22. Open the tube '' etoile kharma'' -Edit/copy- Edit/ paste as new layer on your working image- and place it at the upper right corner

23. Open the tube '' robinet kharma '' -Edit/copy- Edit/ paste as new layer on your working image-Double click on this Layer and set the Blend Mode to "Luminance-Legacy"

For those who do not want to create the drops- The effect is included with the material " pspimage'' and paste as a new layer

-and go to the next point 25



create drops-


Open the tube « boules larme »choose 3 white balls 3 and 2 red

Edit/copy- Edit/ paste as new layer on your working image

-Activate your Pick Tool (K) Mode Scale -stretch a little and give their elongated shapes


and merge this layers visible -Effects-3D Effects- Drop Shadow: 5/7/65/12 black

Layers/change your blend mode to "Overlay"

24. You are there in your work

25. Layer-Palette: Make raster 1 active

26. Effects- Plugins -Flaming pear flood with these settings(Attention to the black in the filter if you can not see on the pink flood effect)

27. Layers- Merge- Merge-All

28. Effects- Plugins -AAA  Frame  / foto frame with these settings

29. Layers-Promote background layer

30. Edit=Copy!!

31. Image Canvas Size

32. Layers-New Raster layer /Selections-Select All

33. Edit - Paste into Selection (Image is still in your PSP memory)

34. Selections-Deselect all

35. Layers-Arrange-Move Down

36. Layer-Palette: Make raster 1 active /Layers- Duplicate

37. Layers-Arrange-Move Down

38. Effects- Plugins Andromeda perspective /From the top /Top Under

39. Effects-Image Effects- Offset with these settings H= 0 and V= 105  / Transparent

40. Effects-Plugins Redfield/Umatrix/>>choose face

Attention: this Filter is into the folder

important thing here is to choose your taste has figures

to get to the different effect you must click 2 times on the thumbnails

to reach the preset as you click on the little arrows ok

The result

41.Activate the bottom of the layer palette =(raster 1) /Effects- Plugins -AAA Frame  -  Foto frame with these settings

42. Open the tube'' 202-silvina-orsi-febrero-17-2009 '' -Edit/ Copy-Edit - Paste as new layer on your working area and move to the left

43. Open the tube  ''kharma eclats de verre '' -Edit/ Copy-Edit - Paste as new layer on your working area

44. Effects-Image Effects- Offset with these settings   H= 400 and V = 0

45. Effects-Distortion Effects -Spiky Halo with these settings

46. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 5 pixels black

47. Activate Text Tool: Font is into the zip -Material Properties:Set your foreground color to: #ffffff - Set your background color to: #68233c

48. Write the text "Kharma"

49. Layers- Duplicate-Image Flip /Double click on this Layer and set the Blend Mode to "Dissolve" -Set the layer opacity of this layer to 51%

50.Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked: 5 pixels black



I hope you enjoyed this lesson


This lesson was written by Renée

edited and update



Any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence *

* Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us. I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators.

Thanks Renée.




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