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These tubes are




These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee




Andromeda design

Flaming Pear

EyeCandy5 impact

Filter Factory U

EyeCandy 6

Here : filtres.html



Let's begin

1. Open a new transparentimage 985 x 625 pixels

2. Selections - select all

3. Open the tube "liberez-votre-creativite-fond"
Copy and Paste into the selection

4. Selections - select none

5. Layers - duplicate

6. Effects / Filter - Andromeda/ Designs with the following settings

7. Repeat with the same settings

8. Effects - Geometric effect/ Perspective Vertical

9. Effects - Filter Flaming Pear/ flexify2. Make sure Longitude is set at 119

10. Effects - Filter Eyecandy5/ Impact-Perspective shadow preset "liberez-votre-creativite-persp 1"

- Repeat a second time

11. With your Pick tool (K) - pull the layer down to the bottom edge

12. Activate the bottom layer - Raster 1

13. Layers - New raster layer

14. Go to your Colour Pallet - Foreground color #e5e5e5 and Background color #746c5e

15. Prepare a linear gradient configured like this

16. Fill the layer with the gradient

17. Effects - Distortion effect - Polar Coordinates/ Polar to rectangular

18. Effects - Filters Unlimited2.0 - Filter Factory U/ Serrate

19.Effects - Edge effect/ Enhance More

20. Effects - Distortion effect/ Twirl - set at 125

21. Layers Palette - Set mode to hard light

22. Your layers palette should look like this now

23. Activate the top layer of the Layers palette

24. Layers - New raster layer

25.Selections - load the selection "@ renee-liberez creativite 1" / fill with the gradient

26.Effects - User Defined filter/ emboss3 (default)

27.Effects - Edge Effects/ Enhance
Selections - Select none

28. Open tube "231023pacha1"/ resize to 75%
Copy and paste as new layer placed as shown

29. Open tube "Absolution machined-tubed by A pspDevils-group"/ resize to 75%
Copy and Paste as new layer as shown

30. Layers Palette/ Set the mode to luminance Legacy and lower the opacity down to 79

31. Open tube "liberez creativite-image1"/ copy and paste in place, leave luminance legacy with 100% opacity

32. Open tube "098_silvana_vanesa_orsi_enero_17_2009"/ Copy and paste as new layer and place as shown

33. Lower opacity to 59%

34. Open tube "90e47d0f" and paste in place on the face as shown


35. Layers Palette - Set mode to hard light and lower opacity to 75%

your layers palette should look like this

36. Get back on the top of the layer stack

37. Open tube "renee liberez-votre-creativite-image 2"/ Paste as new layer as shown. Set mode to Hard Light

38. Open tube "Mtm_Misc39_ @ Britta-Seifert-one Night"/ resize to 50%
Paste as shown

39. Open tube "igor moski_tubes by thafs" Paste as shown

40. Lower its opacity to 65

41. Stay on the top layer

42. Layers - New raster layer

43. Selections - load the selection " renee-liberez creativity-2"

44. Set your foreground color to #53525E. Fill the selection with the new color.

* Paint settings normal mode but the opacity down to 45

** Do not forget to return your opacity back to 100 **

45. Selections - select none

46. Effects - Filters Unlimited 2.0 - Filter Factory U / sine blobs

47. Open tube "renee-liberez-votre creativite-image3"/ Copy and paste as shown

48. With your eraser tool to erase where it covers the eyes of the mask. See example.

49. Open, copy and paste tube "yoka -snake/ Mirror and place as shown

50. Set to luminance legacy mode and lower opacity down to 83

51. Layers - merge layers

52. Image - add borders 2 pixels black

53. Image - add borders 50 pixels #908b86

54. Image - add borders 2 pixels black

55. Image - add borders 5 pixels in gray #908B86

56. Image - add borders 2 pixels black

57. With the wand - select the 50 pixels border

58. Effects - Filter EyeCandy 5 - Texture/ reptile skin-preset "renee-texture-reptile"

59. Selections - convert selection to layer

60. Selections - select none

61. Effects - Filter EyeCandy 6 - perspective shadow / preset "Drop_renee perspective liberez creativite"

62. Open "titre-pspimage" Copy and paste placing as shown in the final image.

63. Layers - merge all

This is finished.

Thank you Sally


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