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Mysterious light


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VM Instant Art /vernissage

VM Extravanga /shoutin

Mura's Meister /pole transformation


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These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee


Before you start


Open PSP

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install




Let's begin

1. Open tube "fractals 32" - Window duplicate - close original (we will work on the copy)

(We always work on copies of the tubes so duplicate and close original window)

2. Layers - duplicate

3. Effects - distortion effects / polar coordinates

4: filter – vm instant art – vernissage

5. Transparency / Eliminate white.

6. Effects - Eyecandy5 - Impact / Glass / preset "renne_mystere_1"

7. Effects - Geometric effects / circle / transparent

8. Layers - Duplicate /Image mirror / Layers - merge down

9. Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow/ as follows

10. Set the layer mode to difference

11. Open tube "claudia Viza 1202" - paste as a new layer / no need to move, it is in the right place

12. Layers - Arrange down

13. Close the background layer / click on another layer and merge visible

14. Effects - Andromeda Perspective / side walls / It open centered

15. Image resize to 70% and paste on your work as a new layer

16. Open your tube "languette" Promote to raster layer

17. Effects - Plugins - VM Extravanga / shoutin

18. Effects - Eye Candy5 Impact - Glass / "preset renee_futurisme_1"

19. Effects - Distortion effects / wave

20. Edit - Copy and paste as new layer

21. Layers - Arrange/ move down. Move layer down as shown on the finished image

. smudge tool - touch up the image using these settings


  • Zoom in so you can see the line where the layer joins the one below. Push with the smudge tool upwards so the line is smoothed out. See below.

    - When everything is ok

22. Change the blend mode of this layer to hard light

23. Layers - add a new layer / load selection "renee_futurisme_selection2"

24. Create a linear gradient with the colors foreground #f6e55e and background #9a3107

25. Fill the selection -Selections - select none

26. Effects - Artistic effects - halftone/ blend mode - hard light

27. Effects - Distortion effects - ripple

28. Plugins - Mura's meister - pole transform


Niets verschuiven – hij is op de goede plaats

- Do not move the effect is in the right place

** Make sure the layer with the woman in the sphere is in a good place. See end result

- Open the tube "fille ampoule" Paste as a new layer

* Move to a good place and set the layer mode to luminance legacy

29. Open tube "ampoule20% 20730" - Place well/ Set the mode to Luminance - Image mirror

30. Open tube "t reagen_2427" - resize 55%, all layers unchecked - paste as a new layer

31. Layers palette - Luminance mode and opacity to 75%

32. Merge all layers

33. Edit - copy

34. Image - add borders 3 pixels black

35. Image - add borders 40 pixels white

36. Select the white border using the magic wand / edit - paste into selection with the image in memory

37. Adjust - blur / gaussian blur at 45

38. Transform the selection to layer

39. Selections - Invert selection

40. Effects - 3D effects / Chisel

41. Layers / add a new layer

42. Selections - Invert

43. Fill with the linear gradient / colors same as before

44. Layers - Arrange - Move down.
Selections - select none


All Finished

Thanks Sally


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