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These Plugins are used for this Tutorial


Filter Attack/ Border Random-PolygoneII

Flaming pear / flexify2

Mura's seamless- Checks with Gradation

 Transparency /Eliminate black

Italian Editors effect-Grana

Mura's Meister /copies

Dragon FLY's / Sinedots Shader

Little Ink Pok/ Sketcher

Xero /Duochrome

Richard Roseman / Solid border


You can find my filters here



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Before you start *



Open PSP .


Open your material .


Open / tubes duplicate and close originals


Open then Minimize the mask in PSP


Put filters in their proper folders.


Brushes and other tools in their respective folders



To import presets Eye candy 5/ Double-click the file it will automatically install *



* For older versions of PSP

may be that you are having trouble opening the tubes


Just click OK and the tube can be used.

Thanks Renée



 Let's start the lesson.

1. Open the Background Image ''renee_fond so strange'' Window - Duplicate (or shift+D) - Close the original and proceed on the copy-Promote Background layer=Raster 1

2. Selection Tool ( S ) Custom selection use settings below

3. Selections- Promote selection to layer

4. Effects- Plugins - EyeCandy 5-Impact - Glass- tab settings/user settings - choose my preset - ''renee_so strange''

 Keep Selected

5. Effects- Plugins -Attack/ Border Random-Polygone II

* Click Filter / select this item see screen and click on the arrow and OK

6. Selections- Deselect All

7. In the Layerpalette, set Blend Mode to Luminance

8. Layers- Duplicate

9. Image- Free Rotate 90° to the left -Do not move !!

10. Effects- Plugins - Flaming pear / Flexify2 with these settings

11. In the Layerpalette, set Blend Mode to Hard Light

12. Open the tube ''woman_910_tubed_by-Thafs'' Image Mirror /ImageResize with 65% -Edit/ Copy-Edit - Paste as new layer on your working area and move

13. Layers- Merge- Merge Visible

14. Layers- Duplicate

 15. Effects- Plugins - - Mura's Seamless- Checks with Gradation with these settings

16. Effects- Plugins - Transparency /Eliminate black

17. Effects-3D effects-Drop Shadow with these settings /5/5/35/22 black

18. Effects- Plugins -Italian Editors effect- Grana

19. Layers- Merge-Merge All

20. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:2 pixels black

21. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:15 pixels white

22. Promote Background layer

23. Image Resize with 65%

24. Layers- Duplicate

25. Image-Resize with 45 % resize all layers not checked

26. Effects- Image Effects- Offset with these settings : H=300 and V =200

27. Effects- Plugins - Mura's Meister /Copies 1.3 with these settings

28. Layers- New raster layer

29. Activate Flood Fill Tool and fill the layer with #cbd8cf

30. Effects- Plugins - Dragon FLY's / Sinedots Shader with these settings

31. Selections - load/save selection- load selection from disk and select my file''renee_so strange'' /Delete

32. Selections- Deselect All

33. Layers- Arrange-Sent to Bottom

34. Effects- Edge Effects- Enhance

35. Material Properties: Foreground color to #cbd8cf -Background color to #2e2c25

36. Prepare a Rectangle Gradient as configured

37. Layers- New raster layer-Flood Fill Tool: fill the layer with the gradient-Layers- Arrange-Sent to Bottom

38. Your layer palette looks like this, you should have this result:

39. In the layer palette: activate raster 3

40. Effects- Plugins -Little Ink Pok/ Sketcher

  • Open this Filter >>>click LOAD -and select ''NICESKETCH'' >>APPLY

- Let your colors in your layers palette

41.  Effects- Plugins - Xero /Duochrome with these settings

42. Activate the top of the layer palette

43. Layers- New raster layer

44. Selections - load/save selection- load selection from disk and select my file ''renee_so strange_1''

45. Change material of the foreground into a linear gradient with these settings-

46. Flood Fill Tool: fill the selection with the gradient

47. Effects- Texture Effects- Weave with these settings- BG-Color

48. Selections- Deselect All

49. Effects- 3D Effects- Drop Shadow with these settings 2/2/75/16 black

50. Layers- Duplicate

51. Effects-Distortion Effects-Wind/Winddirection From right 100

52. Open the tube ''renee_so strange attache '' Edit -Copy-Edit - Paste as new layer on your working area and move

53. Layers-Duplicate

54. Image Flip / and move

55. Layers- Merge- Merge Down

56. Layers- New raster layer

57. Selections - load/save selection- load selection from disk and select my file''renee_so strange_2'' Change material of the foreground into a radial gradient with these settings-

Flood Fill Tool: fill the selection with the gradient

58.  Effects- Plugins -Unlimited2.0 - Kiwi's Oelfilter/videowand with these settings

59. Selections- Deselect All

60. Effects- Plugins Mura's meister -Perspective Tilling with these settings

61. Layers- Arrange- Move Down under raster 4 see screen

62. Put the opacity of this layer to 81%

63. Effects- Plugins - Richard Roseman / Solid border with these settings

64. Layers- Merge- Merge Visible

65. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:5 pixels BG-Color

66. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:10 pixels FG-Color

67. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:3 pixels BG-Color

68. Image - Add borders-Symmetric checked:45 pixels FG-Color

69. Magic Wand : click with your magic wand in the border of 45 pixels 

70. Activate the tube ''so strange_ligne ''Edit/Copy -Edit - Paste into selection

71. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur Radius:15

72. Selections- Deselect All

73. Activate the tube ''woman_910_tubed_by_thafs'' Edit/Copy -Edit - Paste as new layer on your working area and move

74. Opacity of this layer to 75%

 75.Layers- Merge- Merge All ( flatten)

Save as JPG

I hope you enjoyed this lesson

This lesson was written by Renée




Any resemblance with an existing lesson is merely a coincidence *

* Don't forget to thank the people who work for us and with us. I named the tubeurs - Testers and the translators.

Thanks Renée.



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