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REVERIE - BAMBOO and mask from narah

These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee


Copy the selection to your Selections folder.

Copy "reneegradienteau.jgd" to your gradients folder

1. Let's begin

2. Open a new transparent image 975 x 625 pixels

3. Selections / Select All

4. Open the "image base"/ copy and paste into the selection selection

5. Selections / select none

6. Layers - add a new layer and fill it with color #d6c8a3

7. Layers / new mask layer from an image/ "Narah_Abstract003"

8. Effects - Edge effect/ enhance / merge group

9. Image/ Mirror

10. Layers - add a new layer

11. Selections - load selection/ "renee-my-planet"

12. Fill the selection with color #7cafb6

13. Effects - Mehdi / Wavy lab

14. Selections/ select none

15. Effects - Filter Unlimited 2.0 / Filter Factory Gallery F / Sector Mosaic

16. Set the blend mode to soft light

17. Open the tube "Fresh-water de ginitubes" / mirror image / Copy and paste it in place

18. Open the tube ''demi-oeuf-pinceau'' and export it as a custom brush

19. Change the Foreground color to #48609e

20. Apply the brush with the following configuration / size 400

21. Put in place as shown

22. Open the tube "eau -gouttes" - copy and paste into your image.

Place against the edge of the glass

23. Paste the tube ''1220639809-divers'' as a new layer/ place like this

24. Paste the tube ''3faces" (found on the net as that name)/ as a new layer .

Place as shown / set the blend mode to hard light

25. Copy and paste the tube ''eau pétillante'' in a good place

26. Paste the tube ''renee-eau-barre droite'' against the right edge

27. Effects - Distortion effect / ripple

28. Set the blend mode to hard light / and lower it's opacity to 24

29. Effects - Edge effect/ enhance more

30. Paste the tube "mod_article3423475_1.png" as a new layer / move it to the right as shown

31. Layers - merge visible

32. Open tube ''renee-cable-eau'' Using the pick tool (k) resize and place like this

33. Set the mode to overlay

34. Layer - Duplicate / Image flip and place of capture as above

35. Open the tube ''pointe de tuyau'' copy and paste as a new layer. move to the top right as shown

Image - Free rotate 90 ° right

36. Open the tube ''effet lumière bleue''- copy and paste it below the previous tube (see the finished image)

37. Layers - merge visible

38. Effects - AAA Frames/ Foto Frame (see example) >>>> MARK NEGATIVE

39. Image - add borders 50 pixels white

40. Select the white border with your magic wand

41. Layers - Add a new layer

42. Fill with a linear gradient using ''renee dégrade eau'' - parameters @ = Angle 180/ Repeats 0

43. Effects - Alien Skin Snap Art / Impasto / default

44. Selections / deselect

45 Image add borders 2 pixels white

All finished

Thanks Sally

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