To make the filters work in your new PSP 2021-2022 in 32 bits


Just go to deactivate the DEP
What is the Dep

DEP provides additional security by preventing the execution of unwanted code for older versions of 32-bit software.

BUT if we are well protected at the start (behind a firewall router, presence of an ACTIVE and UPDATED anti-virus), we do not risk anything more even if we do not have a DEP!


This is the procedure


1. In the search bar type "cmd ">> it will open the menu where is your command prompt

2. Right click on command prompt

-  Run as administrator it opens like this

Press the red button and the codes are on a notepad for easy copy/paste


3. In this command prompt copy / paste this code and hit Enter on the keyboard



 this will tell you that the operation is successful

Operation was successful

4.  Restart your computer

And you can use your PSP 2021 or 2022 in 32 bits and all filters work



If for any reason you wish to reactivate the PED

All you need to do is

Open Command Prompt as administrator


And then paste this code



 Enter and restart computer


If you have this when you want to disable DEP in command prompt

it means your computer has secure boot

The Secure Boot is a security mechanism that appeared in the EFI BIOS that allows to secure the computer boot.
Secure Boot can sometimes cause problems when starting the computer

To check the status of Secure Boot on your PC:


Go to Start.

In the search bar, type msinfo32 and press Enter.

System information opens.

Select System Summary.

On the right side of the screen, look at BIOS Mode and Secure Boot Status.

If BIOS mode displays UEFI and the Secure Boot status shows Disabled, Secure Boot is disabled.

It should be set to Disabled


And then you can do the maneuver proposed above


Do not worry I did not perform these maneuvers without first checking with computer technicians

You risk nothing, everything is good, I will never give you what I have not tested beforehand


For control

Mura's Meister works perfectly as well as all other filters


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