If you use my filter UNLIMITED 2.3



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To load my filter, click here


First of all, you'll need to delete everything related to Unlimited and ICNET FILTERS from your Filters folder.


1. In your Filters folder - Create an Unlimited 2.3 folder and unzip my filter into this folder

you have this in your folder

2. Give the path to this folder to your Psp

File-Preference - File Locations-Plug-ins -Plug-in in file folder /Unlimited 2.3

In your Psp it will look like this in the Filters menu

3. Click on Filters Unlimited 2.0...

in the drop-down menu> click on >>>> DATABASE to open the 3 menus

you have this ( if it doesn't look like this >click on Open and open each folder




to obtain this)

1. ICNET Filters  = corresponds to UNLIMITED Basic Filters ( we never add anything ok)

2. MIx.db = Corresponds to Filters that can be imported into Unlimited

(they are sorted in order, and when you click on the name of the Filter >>the right-hand column opens all the effects that this filter can achieve )

All these filters work much better with Unlimited

 (There is no need to include them in the insertion filter folder because they duplicate each other..) ok

3. VM.db =
All VM filters and presets importable into unlimited




You need to add a filter preset in Unlimited nothing changes, it's the same principle

We open Psp – Unlimited 2.0 – MIx or if it's a preset of a filter in this folder


or VM

the right file (it's one or the other)

click on IMPORT
2.Search for the preset in the folder where it is located !!!!! Make sure you select All files


 it will go to the right place in the list

( if it's not an 8.bfs filter that can go into Unlimited, it will tell you with this window



This preset 8.bfs , not recognized by Unlimited will have to go into your external modules folder

 for me (Disk C/My filters )

and in the folder containing the name of the filter concerned


If you have a problem with IMPORT in Unlimited just run this little program

answer yes to what it asks and you'll get all the UNLIMITED functions back



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