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 L and  K's -Zitah



Eyecandy 5 Impact



FM Tile Tools


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Tubes are of


Castorke -Jhanna -Sissiet de Marif 



These tubes were received from tubeurs sharing groups

Or found by me searching on the net

I am grateful to have been given permission these beautiful tubes so

please use any copyright information as needed

If one of these tubes is yours,

Contact me

so I can make a link to your site

or remove it

Thank you Renee



Before you start


Open PSP

Open / tubes duplicate and close originals

Open then Minimize the mask in PSP

Put filters in their proper folders

Brushes and other tools in their respective folders

To import presets / Double-click the file it will automatically install




Let's begin

1. Open a new transparent image of 960 x 665 pixels

2. Change your foreground color to #f4812e and background to black

3. Prepare a radial gradient configured like this



- Fill the layer with the gradient

4. Effects - Scribe - Doughnutz

6. Layers - duplicate

7. Effects - L and K's Zitah


8. Layers - duplicate

9. Effects - Redfield/ Ripples Magic

10. Using your Select tool(K)/ scale mode - stretch right, left and down to no longer see the white cutouts on the sides

11. Layers - merge down

12. Copy and Paste the tube ''Jhanna bakground-191'' . Change the blend mode to hard light and lower the opacity to 66

13. Layers - Add a new layer

14. Selections - Load Selection ''renee-halloween1''

15. Fill it with the same radial gradient

16. Selections - select none

17. Effects - Toadies - what are you/ 12-12

18. Effects - Eyecandy 5 Impact / Glass - preset - ''renee halloween glass''

19. Layers - Add a new layer

20. Selections - Load selection (again) '' renee-halloween1''

21. Open the tube ''56s1mdk'' paste into selection

22. Selections - deselect and change the layer to screen and opacity to 52

23. Layers - add a new layer / Selections - select all

24. Open the tube ''castorke_hal_tube_14_092012'' and paste into the selection

25. Selections - deselect 

26. Layers - lower the opacity of the layer down to 24 / normal blend mode

27. Layers - Add a new layer

28. Selections - load selection ''renee-halloween2''

- Fill it with black color

29. Effects - Eyecandy 5 - Glass preset ''renee-halloween glass 2'' / select none

30. Effects - Andromeda perpsective - preset / It open close

31. Set the layer mode to luminance and opacity to 40

32. With your magic wand set like this

Click with your magic wand in the door - and move a little to the left in the dark part

33. Layers - add a new layer

34. Paste the tube "renee_halloween_image_porte" into the selection

35. layers - Arrange - move down

36. Selections - select none

37. Change the layer mode to Overlay

38. Attention: on raster layers 6 and 7 - apply EyeCandy5 impact - perspective shadow - drop shadow blurry on both

39. Open the tube ''Tubed_by_monique42_3781'' Paste as a new layer like this

40. Move this layer under raster6

41. Click to activate the top layer

42. Open the tube ''Marif_2006_misted_fantasy038'' (click on raster 2) copy and paste as a new layer / position on the previous tube

- Make sure it is well placed to the left and change the layer to hard light

- Your palette looks like this

43. Click to activate the bottom layer (raster 1)

44. Selections - load selection ''renee-Halloween3''


45. Tools - Airbrush/ set like this and the color as #efd6c2

- Apply a few times left and right like this  

46. Adjust - blur / gaussian blur at 60


47. Effects - Frischluft - Volumetrics

Color filter ** #8d6834 and #f1ac23 if you use other colors play with the settings **

48. Selections - select none

49. Open the tube ''401NLF24080844" Copy and paste moving into place like this

50. Set the layer to hard light mode and opacity 57

- Click on top of the layers palette

51. Layers - Add a new layer

52. Selections - load the selection ''renee-Halloween4''

53. Open the tube "renee_halloween_structure" - paste into the selection

54. Selections - select none

55. Change the layer to luminance mode and lower the opacity down to 81

56. Open the tube''pinceaux1" paste as a new layer - move slightly to the left

57. Open the tube "renee_halloween1_flamme" - paste as a new layer - bottom right

- Lower the opacity to 53 - leave as hard light

58. Effects - edge effects - enhance

Stay on the top layer

59. Layers - add a new layer

60. Selections - load selection ''renee-halloween5''

- Fill with white color (click once with the flood fill)

61. Selections - select none

62. Set the layer mode to luminance and opacity to 43

63. Open the tube "renee_halloween_plaque mortuaire" - paste as a new layer - place it well - Change the layer mode to luminance

64. Open tube "renee_halloween_tache de sang" - paste as a new layer - Move into place

65. Open the tube ''renee-halloween-lampe" and paste it in place

66. Image add borders asymmetrical in black like this

67. Open the tube "drape2" - paste as a new layer on the right

68. Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow 0/0/70/40 white - repeat

69. Open the tube "calguisepouvantaille71010'' Image - mirror - Move into place

70. Open the tube "vleermuis_sissy" - paste as a new layer - Move to a good place

71. Open the tube "renee_halloween_tache rouge" - paste as a new layer - do not move it is in the right place

72. Image - add borders 5 pixels #F20500

73. Image - add borders 20 pixels black

74. Open the tube "texte" Paste as new layer - or write something of your choice - the font is in the file

75. Merge all layers

76. Effects - FM Tile Tools - blend emboss

All Finished

Happy Halloween




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